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Jeni and Scott Makinen

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Like the parents of other college-bound high school seniors, Jeni and Scott Makinen were uneasy when their 18-year-old daughter, Claire, announced that she wanted to attend an out-of-state university. There was no changing Claire’s mind. Her heart was set on going to Arizona State University.

“We got involved with the SDFA because we met a parent who engaged us at Claire’s freshman orientation,” says Jeni. “Then at Fall Welcome we heard about all the good opportunities available to her.”

"By being a part of the SDFA we were more in touch with activities that were happening at ASU."Jeni Makinen

Jeni is a member of the SDFA’s regional council, volunteers to call prospective ASU students, and she and Scott have hosted numerous coffee days for the SDFA Colorado chapter. She has participated in regional board meetings and marched in the ASU Homecoming parade.

“By being a part of the SDFA we were more in touch with activities that were happening at ASU through the calendar, newsletter and website,” says Jeni. “We were also more aware of available resources for our daughter, such as tutoring. The SDFA also provides social media such as Facebook and groups on the website for parents to connect with other ASU parents.”

The Makinen family is known especially for hosting Nationwide Sun Devil Family Coffee Days. Nationwide Coffees take place twice a year in the fall and spring at the Makinen home or Scott’s workplace at Intel. The couple invites parents of ASU students in the Colorado area to gather and chat about any concerns they have about their sons’ or daughters’ college experience.

“I think ASU invests in the whole student which includes their family and the community they came from,” says Jeni. “I always felt welcomed at the events and ASU makes you feel like part of the college experience. Parents want to be involved!”

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