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Vicki Fiacco

Sun Devil PLUM, Vicki Fiacco

After her son, James, graduated in May ’13, Vicki Fiacco wanted to continue to be a part of Sun Devil life, so she became a member of the SDFA Parents of Alums. As a PLUM she is able to stay involved with the university, updated on events and connected with students.

“Don’t think that after your student graduates, you are not welcome on campus,” says Vicki. “You are definitely welcome to be part of the SDFA, and there are plenty of students on campus who could use your mentoring and advice. You never really have to leave if you don’t want to.”

Vicki joined the SDFA because her family had just moved to Tempe, and it was a good way to meet people, stay connected with events and get familiar with the university. She especially enjoys working with the SDFA scholars and watching them mature during their time in the program.

“I also like to meet the parents and make them feel comfortable with the whole ASU experience,” says Vicki. “Especially talking to the out-of-state parents because it’s scary for them to send their kids far away for school. Talking to them assures them they have a friend on campus and makes them more comfortable.”

Vicki’s favorite event is the ASU Homecoming parade. “We always have at least 100 people participate. Our scholars participate, and it’s really a lot of fun just to be a part of that,” says Vicki. She also loves the SDFA’s involvement with Night of the Open Door, which is an event that takes place in the spring semester. Night of the Open Door allows students to present their research and work across the campus.

“The SDFA is a great organization full of friendly people who are really welcoming,” says Vicki. “So never feel intimidated that you are not welcome because you are always welcome. It’s a great place to be.”

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