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Emergency Crisis Fund

family-funded safety net

As part of its effort to keep students in school, the SDFA provides funds for short-term emergencies. Administered by the university dean of students on all four campuses, the resources are intended to provide relief and support to ASU students in the most dire of need. 

"When students reach the point where they need crisis funds, they have exhausted many, many options, yet they still have the motivation to stay in school,” says Assistant to the Dean of Students Kaylen Cons. “We are grateful to the SDFA for the opportunity to assist students in difficult circumstances."

In his crisis fund application, Gary, an ASU senior wrote: “My physical condition requires a great number of medical visits … I have to choose between visiting doctors and paying tuition.”

Jessica, a senior, lost her apartment due to financial need. She is currently staying in a homeless shelter and suffers from the stress that results from homelessness.

Mary has one semester until graduation and is currently homeless. Mary and her daughter are currently in a transitional housing program that houses families for 90 days in various shelters across the Valley.

ASU student Tara works three jobs and takes care of her disabled father. A surgery left her unable to work for several months.

For these students, and many more like them, these funds have made the difference between dropping out and staying in school. Reaching graduation and realizing their dreams is possible, thanks in part to crisis funding from the SDFA.

To request the Emergency Crisis Fund application or for questions, call 480-965-6547 or email

You can help out future ASU students by supporting the Sun Devil Family Association Emergency Crisis Fund today.

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