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Free tutoring and other University Academic Support Program services such as subject-area tutoring, writing assistance, supplemental instruction and success coaching are available to students on all four ASU campuses and online.

The Sun Devil Family Association was proud to fund more than 4,000 hours of free tutoring last year, not only assisting thousands of students, but also helping to support student workers who tutor at Student Success Centers.

Student demand for tutoring services grows each year. In 2015–16, 20,725 students logged 139,386 tutoring visits at Student Success Centers across ASU. This was a 5 percent increase in the number of tutoring visits compared to the previous year.

Last year, 45.5 percent of all first-time, full-time freshmen used one or more tutoring services. Not only are students who participate in tutoring more likely to pass their freshman year courses, but they are also more likely to graduate.

All enrolled ASU students can utilize tutoring, but there is an emphasis on supporting freshman level courses.

Students seek tutoring on average six to seven times per year and report a high level of satisfaction with the services. They often report that the opportunity to learn with and from their peers makes learning easier and more fun — especially for difficult courses. By developing the habit of going to tutoring freshman year, students position themselves for continued academic success throughout their ASU experience. SDFA support of free tutoring engages students early in this critical success behavior.

SDFA support also provides an excellent employment opportunity for high-performing students to become certified tutors. University Academic Support Programs offers a tutoring training program that helps tutors learn course material in-depth and build their résumés for graduate school or future employment.

The Sun Devil Family Association is proud to have funded more than 4,500 hours of free tutoring, not only assisting thousands of students but also helping to support student workers who tutor at Student Success Centers.

Encourage your student to visit University Academic Success Programs to access free tutoring schedules.

You can help out ASU students by supporting the Sun Devil Family Association Tutoring Fund today.

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